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Air Travel Toolkit - USA ReviewThe Jerusalem Post Review of Air Travel Toolkit - USA
Sunday, July 2 2000 09:19 29 Sivan 5760 Travel Time By David Shamah (June 25) -
Although millions of people fly every day without incident, you may still be the victim of bad service, lost luggage, or missed connections. Just what is an airline's obligation to you in cases like this? The answers, of course, are in the small print, also known as the "contract of carriage."
If you can't figure out just what your rights are by reading this document, though, you might want to download Air Travel Toolkit (, which contains, among other features, an excellent tutorial on the contract of carriage, as well as all the little numbers and letters that dot a typical airline ticket. Here's an interesting tidbit from the contract tutorial: "International flights: You must check in at the airline ticket counter at least one hour before departure.We reserve the right to cancel your ticket if you do not comply."
No exceptions are mentioned for flat tires, traffic, or kids who threw up in the car on the way to the airport. The program also has some useful tools if you're traveling within the US; if you're looking for bargain airfares, for example, you might a better deal travelling to a city's "second" airport rather than the main one. Air Travel Toolkit contains a list of such airports for each major travel market, as well as a map showing the location of commercial airports in each state.
The program also has a very good mileage and route calculator, showing the routes and distances between dozens of cities. Even if you've no plans to travel to the US, you'll find the tutorials worth the download.
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