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HieroNote Software FAQ
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How to purchase our software
Q: Can you please tell me how I can purchase your software in Australia?
A: You can purchase any of our products right online. You can pay by International Money Order, check or credit card. You can download the software or purchase it on CD-Rom.
Q: Hi, I live in the UK and I have been trying to find a UK retailer for your software, can you help me?
A: Again, anyone in the world can purchase our software.
Q: Can I purchase your software with a check, I don't like using credit cards?
A: Yes, you can use our handy order form at
Q: Will your software work on a Palm M500?
A: No
Q: Lauft das programm auch uster Windows 2000?
A: Yes or Da
Q: Will HieroNote work in Windows ME (Millenium)?
A: Yes
Q: My screen looks funny, why and what can I do about it?
A: This display problem occurs when you have your display settings at 120% of normal. Most users have this setting of 120% of normal without knowing it. To change this setting back to normal; go to CONTROL PANEL --> DISPLAY --> SETTINGS --> ADVANCED --> and change the DPI setting to Normal or 96 DPI. This will resolve the above display issue.
Q: Can you print the hieroglyphs in black & white?
A. Color printers will print in color, black & white printers will print in black and white. Some color printers have a 'print in B & W' setting that you can use to save your color ink cartridges.
Pocket Change
Q: Can I use a comma when I enter new currency rates?
A: No, only use the period.
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