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Easily View & access font characters you never knew existed on your computer

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Do you know how to easily access this character ², or this one , or this one Ç?

    Features include:
  • FontDings shows you which keys you need to press to access special hidden characters in your selected font.
  • With FontDings you can print a keyboard layout sheet and never have to search for that character again!!
  • With FontDings you can find and use any character in any Windows font, and the font does ***NOT have to be installed!
  • View all 233 available characters in any Windows font set.
  • Select a single character for zoom in viewing to 72 point size.
***NOTE: Temporary installation of fonts does not work with Windows 7. Microsoft has removed this feature in all programs.

This image shows you one simple and practical way to use FontDings. You can work side by side with FontDings and any other program where you need to access different, hard to find font characters.
In this example a word processing program is open on the left and FontDings is open on the right. The user needed the symbol for the EURO in the document. They are using the Calibri font. So we opened the Calibri font in FontDings to access the hidden characters contained in the Calibri character set.

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5 stars award from 5 5 Star Awarded Editor's Choice ...oh well you get the idea.
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NOTE: Temporary installation of fonts in FontDings does not work with Windows 7. Microsoft has removed this feature in all programs.

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