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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph Tutorial. Includes a Hieroglyphic Notepad!

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    Features include:
  • Type in Hieroglyphs with the included HieroNote Notepad program. Print, save and open your HieroNote documents.
  • Learn the 24 hieroglyphic single consonant signs. Includes 72 ancient Egyptian vocabulary words.
  • Learn over 120 hieroglyph determinatives, their meaning and why they were used. The determinative section includes an additional 48 Ancient Egyptian Hiereogyph words.
  • Decipher the hieroglyphs on artifacts from Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • Test your progress and deciphering skills with the Hieroglyph Quiz.

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Receive an Ancient Egyptian Phonetic Alphabet card when you order HieroNote on CD!

Some Customer Comments:
J. C. from Maryland
"My wife loves Egyptian "stuff", this is excellent"

W. S. from Canada
"This is an excellent educational Idea. You may do something similar using the Coptic font then at a later time compare the Hieroglyphic with the Coptic words(fonts)"

D. G from Georgia
"Slick Program, thanks!"

D. H from Canada
"It's a terrific program!"

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