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Charlie Chan ebooks Letters From the Earth
The Complete Edition eBook

by Mark Twain

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This is the COMPLETE EDITION of the original Letters From the Earth!

Mark Twain considered this story was too controversial for publication and would never be published. He wrote that observation to a friend in 1909. This gem of a story has been freed from the murky shadows of censorship and restored to it's rightful place in American literature. All of it is vintage Twain, sharp, witty, imaginative, and sometimes wildly funny. This edition includes Mark Twain's 3 footnotes.

    Table of Contents:
  • Letters From the Earth
  • Papers of the Adam Family
  • Letter to the Earth
  • A Cat-Tale
  • Cooper's Prose Style
  • Official Report to the I.I.A.S.
  • The Gorky Incident
  • Simplified Spelling
  • Something About Repentance
  • From an English Notebook
  • From an Unfinished Burlesque of Books on Etiquette
  • The Damned Human Race
  • The Great Dark

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